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Persian cats for adoption in pa

Cat Adoption / April 29, 2017

Grooming/Care Needs
Persians are known for their full, beautiful coats and rounded flat faces. They are a breed that is absolutely unfit to live outdoors due to physical makeup. The flatter the face, the more care is needed as the flattening influences tear duct and sinus structure. Many of the flat-faced Persians have watery eyes that must be kept clean daily to reduce the chances of infection. Their coats range from silky and fairly easy to extremely full, cottony and difficult.

Many people skirt around the grooming issues by keeping their cats in short “lion cuts.” This is a cute, hygienic, easy way of maintaining these cats and many seem much happier (and cooler) that way. This does require regular grooming fees (ranging from $35-$50+ depending on where you live) on roughly a quarterly basis. People who keep the coats full should plan for DAILY combing/brushing to keep the fur clean and mat-free.