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Cat Adoption / October 17, 2018

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Going FFAR to Rescue Pets in Need

New family alert! This sweet little mama had 7 (yes, 7!) kittens in a nice family's flower bed. The family took her in and tried to find her owners because she was super friendly and seemed like she was someone's pet. Sadly (although not at all surprising), no one owned up to owning her, not getting her fixed, and then letting her outside to get pregnant. Now she is safe with us and will never have to worry about being a mom again! Welcome to FFAR, Mama and little ones!

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We would like to thank in McKinney for grooming our rescued dogs. The staff at Ooh La La are super nice and we so much appreciate them donating their service to help our rescue dogs!

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