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Cat Adoption / July 18, 2017

6904 W Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 650-1232

So let me just say this place is SO cool. I wish I could spend everyday there just hanging with all the kitties. My boyfriend and I wanted to get a kitty for a companion for our dog because we are finally without a roommate...but that means he took his dog. So our pup seemed a little lonely:( and with our work schedules getting longer we thought a cat would be perfect. We looked at some shelters in the area but they all seemed the same. The cats didn't seem happy, they were crammed in tiny cages, etc. UNTIL we found NatCat! Everything was totally different!! When we walked in we were greeted and offered a tour. They showed us the facility and answered all our questions. They have large areas for the cats to play indoors and outdoors. A retirement facility for the older cats. It truly is amazing, and you can really feel it when you meet the kitties. We originally wanted a kitten because we felt like it would be easier for the cat to grow up with our dog. But they let us know that might not be the best choice because we needed a cat that could hold its own with the dog. We met all the kitties and played for awhile, and then we met Tabasco. We were informed that he had been adopted twice before but had been brought back both times. Our hearts immediately broke because we knew he deserved more. We were told he had Pica-which basically meant he would eat/chew things he wasn't supposed to. Challenge accepted! We took him home that day. We've had him going on 4 months now and we are so happy that we have him. He is the craziest, most rambunctious cat we've ever met. But he's perfect for us. The chewing has never been an issue for us, we think it's because he's come into his own. We let him roam freely, even if that means finding him on top of the refrigerator lol! He has a harness because he loves exploring the outdoors with our dog. We couldn't thank NatCat enough for bringing Tabasco into our lives. You definitely need to visit and listen to their advice! You too will find a forever friend!

Miss Molly is slowly but surely adapting to her new home! Thank you again for pairing us up guys!

The NCPS is a non-profit state of the art cat shelter. Dedicated to the protection and welfare of our furry friends. They'll take in owner relinquished cats or kittens and provide them a clean and comfortable shelter. The staff and volunteers have tremendous love and care for their well-being. They get vaccinated, d-wormed and microchiped before available for adoption. I recently discovered NCPS and give them and all animal protection shelters a great big THANK YOU for their care and help of our 4 legged furry friends.

Brooke is someone I will happily not forget. The service she provides is impeccable! I've known her, via, two adoptions and felt so comfortable in working with her. Compassionate, responsible, creative, smart, resourceful, friendly with a true love for felines. She was patient with our decision to adopt, not just one, but two brothers. Even though I don't get to see Brooke often I would highly recommend National Cat Protection Society to adopt from, and care for, and obtain advice from as you allow your pet to bring joy into your life. Thanks Brooke and the NCPS staff. Love, "Jet and Astro" ( ;