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Rottweilers Borgia and Mephisto

I believe that human beings carry a sacred trust of caring for all things under our dominion and that animals are just as important as human beings when we consider issues of suffering and love and care and responsibility. When you decide that the time is right for you to welcome a dog or a cat or other pet into your home, I strongly believe that you should consider adoption.

Usually because of the actions of humans because it is an opportunity to give a second chance of love and affection to a defenseless creature that has been in misery. Both dogs and cats have been bred for centuries to be companion animals for humans, and as such they have become dependent on us and their immense affection and trust in us has become a permanent trait. Taking in an animal from a rescue center is an act of kindness that brings its own rewards and makes you stand out as a compassionate and caring human being.

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This site is dedicated to promoting the adoption of needy pets and making the world a kinder place. I will be including guest posts from other animal lovers, pages from pet charities and links to recommended pet charities and shelters.

Investigate All Adoption Options.

Before you drop by the local rescue or shelter and fall in love with a dog that may outgrow the restrictions of your home, invest some time researching breeds that will best fit your situation. We once made the mistake of leaving one of our dogs in the garden while we went shopping; when we returned, Borgia had torn down an entire set of curtains – we ‘d left a window open! Consider the dog’s future weight and age, temperament and size. Much though they love us and we love them, a warning ‘nip’ from a dog of any size can be traumatic for a child.

Where To Begin

To start with, visit the local SPCA or dog rescue shelter if it’s open to the public – most of them are, for obvious reasons. Search online and research breed-specific rescues within sensible driving range and Dog Adoption websites that allow you to search by breed, age and gender within your zip code.

Calculate the Costs Of Owning A Pet

A pet is a part of your family; it requires and deserves a proper diet, medical care, exercise regimes and of course, love. Love above all else! Costs vary with breed and size, and in general, larger dogs cost a lot more to keep than smaller breeds.  Our beloved Rottweilers Borgia and Mephisto cost us an un-budgeted fortune!  We were fortunate that we had the money to spend, but if we had not, then the dogs might well have had to be put down. Both suffered from cruciate ligament problems and both needed surgery followed through with Hydro therapy. the total cost was thousands of dollars as we had not taken any vet insurance! When we moved to Australia, we still had one of our dogs and of course, we took him with us – at a cost of several thousand more dollars! So before you buy a dog, budget for:


1. Vet Insurance

2. Possible relocation costs

3. Food – big dogs eat lots of expensive food!

4. Baskets, kennels

5. Any damage a dog does to your home accidentally

6.  Kennels for your dog when you go away on holiday – NEVER EVER leave your dog lonely and alone in a yard. Dogs are pack animals and NEED your company. It is an act of cruelty leaving them alone, even if they are fed.

7. Insurance in case your dog bites a visitor or someone else (I’ve never had this, but I mention it for completeness).


Special Checks for Large Breeds

Apart from the cruciate ligament problems already mentioned, large breeds are subject to a range of other potential problems, particularly from poorly bred dogs. I have in mind:

a) Hip Dysplacia

This disease affects the hip joints,and  can have a number of causes including genetics. Rottweilers, Labradors  and other large breeds might show symptoms of hip dysplasia including a reluctance to exercise, difficulty getting up and lying down,  abnormal gait and signs of pain when the hips are stroked. Any vet can check for this condition.

b) Wilebrand’s Disease

This is a sort of dog- hemophilia.

c) Bloat

With this disease, the dog’s abdomen can distend to quite some size and the dog will clearly be in a lot of pain. This is a serious gastric disorder most often seen in large, deep chested dogs. 

I won’t make a huge list in this article, but check all these things out before taking a large breed dog on board!

Meet the Dog With Your Family

Some dogs may be in temporary foster homes and will either be transported to the main rescue location or to your house for a home visit. The dog may be nervous, but dogs from shelters are almost always rigorously tested for sociability and lack of aggression, so you should be okay!

Apply for Adoption

Whether you find a dog from a rescue online or a shelter dog, you’ll have to complete an application. This may just be a formality for some places, but others will want a closer investigation, be it a reference check, extensive interview or a home visit to see the conditions in which the rescued animal is to live.

Pay Up And Make The Arrangements

No shelter or rescue dog is free, and you’ll be required to pay an adoption fee that will range from $50 to $400 depending on the breed, age of the dog (puppies tend to be more expensive as they’re in demand), the kind of organization you adopt from and what part of the country you live in. Dog adoption fees are also a screening measure used to exclude people who are unable or unwilling to spend money on their pets.


You are ready Adopt A Dog! Be sure to buy a crate your dog will be comfortable in (and a soft blanket or bed to go inside it), as well as a leash and collar and a supply of food and treats before taking him home.

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Pet Adoption
Pet adoption is a heartwarming act that benefits not only so many abused and homeless animals, but also the humans to whom they become family. Nothing and no one can love you as unselfishly as a dog, and nothing is as comforting as the purr of a contented cat. This is an introduction to the subject of pet care and adoption.
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